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Supplier e-Invoicing Solutions

100% Supplier invoice automation and receipt

To ensure your accounts payable teams and organization are focused on managing only the truly difficult B2BE’s e-invoicing solutions mean all supplier invoices can be digitized no matter how they’re sent to your organization. This means the invoices in digitized form can be automatically loaded into any B2BE Accounts Payable solution, three way matching, two way matching or expense invoice workflow for processing. e-Invoicing also means validation rules can be applied based on your business rules or local tax requirements to remove invoices that you shouldn’t have received or that do not meet your business or tax rules.

Key features of B2BE's Supplier e-Invoicing solution

Multi-channel supplier e-invoicing

With your supplier base some suppliers will be able to support e-invoicing initiatives and others will not. Which may in fact be dependent to some degree on the industry. B2BE solutions enable 100% e-invoice receipt using one or more of B2BE’s Document Management solutions: EDI, Web EDI, Email Invoice (receipt) and Document Digitization.

Automated validation

While the accounts payable solutions have AI based rules and processes to manage matching or approvals, invoice pre-validation can also ensure the invoices you receive meet business and tax requirements before they hit the accounts payable solutions. Automated failures can be routed back to the supplier immediately, regardless of receipt method, for rectification and re-sending.

Automated invoice enrichment

To ensure your match rates are maximized B2BE’s Document Management and electronic processes can enrich invoice files as they’re parsed through the system. Add qualifier information, add item codes from purchase orders, for example. This means the AI matching process using enriched data will get better match rates and this means less accounts payable effort.

e-Invoice workflows

B2BE offers a number of workflows which can be used for supplier e-invoicing. Approval workflow if you need to approve invoices, query workflow or document correction workflows. All plug and play into the e-invoice or P2P solutions to enhance and handle any specific requirements your organisation may have.

Accounts payable automation

Of course the e-invoice solutions are designed to automate and digitize all your supplier invoices and once digitized they can be used and any of the B2BE accounts payable automation solutions to ensure you have a no-touch approach for accounts payable.

B2BE Supplier e-Invoicing workflow

Supplier e-Invoicing Solutions | Procure to Pay | B2BE

Our supplier e-Invoicing solutions mean all supplier invoices can be digitized no matter how they’re sent to your organization.

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