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Accounts Receivable Solutions

Improve cash flow and automate Accounts Receivable functions

B2BE has a suite of accounts receivable solutions to help improve your organization’s cash flow and DSO days. Whether it’s an element of your accounts receivable solution such as e-invoicing through to taking credit card payments for account customers and remittance creation for allocation purposes.

 B2BE has a range of accounts receivable solutions and ancillary workflows to ensure the last step in your Order to Cash (O2C) solution is seamless, automated and gives your organization full control, visibility and most importantly audibility.

Accounts Receivable solutions helping to solve

Invoice payment

One of the keys for accounts receivable or credit staff is to ensure payments are made against the customer’s terms. Sometimes with disputes lasting for months the role can be made more difficult as some accounts receivable teams are operating in a bubble with limited external visibility or knowledge or way of sharing issues with other parts of the business easily.

Remittance and allocation

Many customers don’t send remittance advices and make wholesale payments on their account which need to be allocated. Not always easy as payments don’t necessarily match the invoices that maybe outstanding so it becomes a best effort approach to allocate the payment, all be it, all payments are viewed as good.

Lost or missing invoices

Most organizations have experienced this at some point or another where customers loose invoices. In some cases legitimately and in others perhaps the loss was manufactured. Having the ability to resend invoices and with POD’s, if available, is key to addressing these issues immediately. Obviously having an auditable invoice distribution approach is also key.

Proof of delivery

In many industries the proof of delivery (POD) is key to ensuring payments. POD’s will show who received the goods and when. In some cases with photographic evidence. Linking these to invoices helps payment processes and when shared with customers enhances dispute resolution.

Key features of B2BE's Accounts Receivable solutions

No-touch customer e-invoicing

Using a combination of B2BE’s Document Management solutions you can distribute customer invoices based on the way the customer needs or wants to receive them. Via EDI, email, B2BE’s print solution or within the O2C portal. From your organisations perspective the invoices are sent to B2BE electronically and B2BE handles all the distribution methods and requirements so you don’t need to.

Invoice credit card payments

The invoice payment solution allows you to display to your customers their respective invoices based on days outstanding which they can select for payment via credit card. This produces a remittance advice which can be used to auto or manually update your accounts receivable allocations system to remove payment ambiguity and help speed-up payments.

Workflow management tools

There’s a number of workflows to help with your accounts receivable solution. Whether you use document routing to configure how you send invoices to your customers, enrichment and validation workflows and functionality to ensure the data you receive on your customer’s sales orders is right so when you invoice, you will be paid based on your terms. Each or any workflow can be configured to be automated or allow manual intervention based on the defined rules and requirements.

Invoice query

Using the O2C portal you can not only enable invoice payment via credit card you can also use the invoice query workflow allowing customers to raise queries which your organization can manage internally and resolve. The query workflow records all customer and organizational interactions, actions and outcomes so you always have the history if need be and queries can be dealt with systematically and quickly.

What you can achieve with B2BE's Accounts Receivable solution


Automation and control

By automating and using defined solutions to better manage your accounts receivable functions this will give you greater control and auditability when interacting with customers so there is no loss of information.

Improved DSO

As your O2C processes are streamlined and automated and processes to better manage customer invoices are deployed your organization will see improvements in DSO days. Ultimately credit staff can be more focused on your problem accounts and the day to day can manage itself.


Improved visibility

By using the B2BE’s O2C visibility tools this gives greater levels of visibility to all parties who interact with customers. All the accounts receivable and ancillary documents are available on line centrally as to are all the accounts receivable tools and solutions.

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