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Procure to Pay Solutions

Procure to Pay solutions to fully optimize supplier engagement

B2BE’s Procure to Pay (P2P) range of solutions offer buyers the way to easily manage suppliers ensuring supply side processes are optimized, intuitive, automated, easy to use and most importantly cost effective.

The solutions ensure that procurement and finance have full control over the process with a range of tools which ensure greater levels of accuracy based on AI technologies, visibility through the P2P Portal and ensure each step is auditable and managed.

Procure to Pay solutions

Accounts Payable

Whether you need a full three-way matching Procure to Pay solution or you don't have goods to book in and need a two-way matching solution, B2BE has you covered. Similarly if you need a way to manage your expense invoices for GL coding and approval, B2BE has the solution.
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If you need to better control supplier requisitions and spend and ensure all requisitions are approved before they're sent to suppliers, this is what B2BE can offer. Whether you need a robust requisition suite or something that's far simpler and form driven to give you control, B2BE's P2P Procurement solutions can be configured based on your organization's needs .
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Procure to Pay Portal

The Procure to Pay Portal ensures that your supply chain, business and branches or retail outlets all have greater visibility of your organisation's P2P environment while giving you centralized access to all of the B2BE P2P solutions.
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Supplier On-boarding

Leveraging your organization's P2P solution means you need to take suppliers on the journey and on-board them to trade with you electronically. B2BE has a number of self on-boarding solutions or B2BE can manage the on-boarding process for your organization.
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Procure to Pay helping to solve


Many of the issues associated with a robust Procure to Pay solution is ensuring all the moving parts have high levels of visibility to all users. P2P solutions that can’t or don’t offer this means process change and uptake becomes harder.

Control and ownership

The ownership of the P2P solutions needs to be managed by the functions who own the process currently. Procurement and those that buy need to own and manage requisitions as accounts payable need to manage invoices and payments. They of course need to work harmoniously.

Buying process controls

The buying process or requisitions will usually define how the P2P solution and processes work. Poor requisitions will flow down and other functions will become embroiled in managing suppliers, payments and other issues poor buying or content management issues create.

DPO optimization

Having a harmonious P2P process means that as a buyer you should be able to manage your DPO position more easily as you will pay suppliers correctly and on-time.

Late payment fees

With any payment process if payments to suppliers cannot be made on time there is always the chance that late payment fees will be applied eroding profitability and eroding credibility.

Settlement discount management

Most suppliers will offer early settlement discounts. Your Procure to Pay and Accounts Payable solution needs to be able to work so you can, if your organization wants, take advantage of settlement discounts more easily.

Key features of B2BE's Procure to Pay solutions


B2BE has a range of requisition solutions that can operate independently or as a part of a full Procure to Pay solution. Similarly, the requisition solutions can work in conjunction with your existing ERP or business systems.

Workflow approvals

The P2P solutions can all be configured to incorporate the approval workflow solution. Whether it’s spend limits for requisitions or moving invoices around your organization for approval.

Invoice matching

B2BE’s Accounts Payable solutions are highly configurable and flexible to handle any requirements your accounts payable or P2P processes need to support. Whether you want to run three-way matching or two-way matching, a debit or credit process. You can also run two-way matching in a short pay mode.

100% electronic document management

Of course to fully automate your P2P solution, B2BE’s Document Management solutions mean, from your organization’s perspective, you can send and receive all your documents electronically, even if your suppliers aren’t fully able to handle EDI.

Automated error detection

Within each part of the B2BE Procure to Pay solution, validation rules and triggers can be set so documents that will create errors can be identified and rectified quickly so the problem doesn’t create issues further down the process.

Cloud based

All B2BE’s P2P solutions are cloud based meaning your organization doesn’t need to manage infrastructure and software and users access all the solutions, functions and tools on-line so they can be accessed anywhere, even by your suppliers and other third parties where needs be.

What you can achieve with B2BE's Procure to Pay solutions


Approved requisitions

When all requisitions have been approved, based on spend limits and data content, it means the requisition will arrive at the supplier correctly which gives you as the buyer better opportunity to have the goods delivered on-time, in-full and most importantly, correctly.


Improved processing speeds

Automation of your Procure to Pay processes will not only give you better control, visibility and audit trails, it will also mean the whole end-to-end process is faster and more accurate. This means that you as a buyer can be more responsive to your customer’s demands.


Higher match rates

B2BE’s suite of accounts payable O2C solutions not only offer a broad approach to how your organisation can manage accounts payable processes, the solutions are designed to ensure you increase your automated line match rates to reduce accounts payable effort.


Better cash management

If you can improve requisition accuracy, processing speeds and accounts payable processes you will also improve your cash management abilities so you have a better view of your financial position at any given time.

Improved supplier relations

By improving your processes and collaboratively working with your suppliers, your Procure to Pay environment will mean you become a more trusted customer to the supplier. If you’re more trusted this will help with your relationship, contracts and in times of difficulty, should they occur.

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