B2BE has partnered with a range of select organizations to provide B2BE’s clients with solutions that fit seamlessly into B2BE’s
  • EDI & VAN Partners
  • ERP Partners
  • Other Partners

B2BE interconnects with many other EDI providers (VANs – Value Added Network). This means that your documents can not only go to B2BE’s extensive network of trading partners but B2BE can also exchange your documents with the clients of other EDI providers.

Software authors and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) partner with B2BE so that their customers can benefit from B2BE’s suite of transaction cost-reducing and business process enhancing solutions. B2BE works with a variety of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) providers and their resellers to supplement their services.

B2BE partners with numerous other organizations in specific areas and geographic regions designed to enhance B2BE’s solution offering.

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