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Document Processing Workflow Solutions

A touch of manual within an electronic document management solution

Document Processing workflow is a way for PDF based documents to be loaded and data manually keyed based on the data capture requirements.
While some elements are manual other elements can also be automated. The solution is also a way to enable suppliers to key their own invoices into your system if they can’t support an EDI integrated solution. Likewise, some documents which may not be standard can also be processed this way to capture certain records for archiving purposes or use in another part of the Document Management solution.

Key features of B2BE's Document Processing workflow solution

Simple approach to manual document capture

The cloud based solution is easily accessed via the Web Portal where documents are loaded for keying.
The interfaces are easy to use and intuitive and provide a manual way to capture information to create electronic documents or as a means to index the document for retrieval at a future date.

Fully configurable

Any document can be sent to the Document Processing workflow for manual keying. Typically your goal is to automate, however, in some circumstances this may not be practicable and a manual approach that’s easy to use by your business, or offered to third parties, can be configured to fulfill your document processing needs.

Rules and validation

To ensure data being input or keyed is accurate the workflow can be configured to apply rules and validation. Therefore, ensuring the data input will not create issues further on in your Document Management solution.

Linked documents and content

Of course the workflow can also be linked to preceding documents so certain records and fields can be automatically populated to reduce keying effort. For example, a supplier invoice could be linked to the buyer’s purchase order and bring back much of the information.
Linking this way means the document in process will also be linked to the preceding document.

Audit and control

As with all B2BE workflows the solution offers full auditability for documents that are processed via the Document Processing workflow to ensure there’s an historical record of who took what action and when.

B2BE's Document Processing workflow

Document Processing Workflow Solutions | Document Management | B2BE

Our Document Processing workflow allows your organization, or third parties, to easily key in records against a document for indexing or use within a document management solution.

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