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Document Correction Workflow Solutions

Ensure the documents you receive are always correct

If you’re looking to validate document content before it is automatically loaded into your ERP or business system the Document Correction workflow is a rules based workflow that can validate the document’s content against preceding documents. For example a purchase order confirmation to a purchase order. Or the document can be validated against a database that, for example, may hold product and price information so a purchase order from a customer can be validated against this.

Only validation failures then need to be dealt with and in turn there are a number of actions that can be taken to manage the document meaning when you receive the data into your ERP or business system it’s clean and will not create issues which may take more effort to resolve than the benefits of the automated process.

Key features of B2BE's Document Correction workflow solution

Cloud based and easy to use

The workflow is accessible via the Web Portal solution and is therefore cloud based and means it is intuitive and easy to access from anywhere.

Document validation

A single business document in most instances forms part of a larger transaction set.  The Document Correction workflow can be configured to validate data held in a preceding document. For example, a purchase order acknowledgement line quantity can be validated against the purchase order line quantity to ensure it is less than or equal to the purchase order quantity and so on.

Database validation

Database validation will validate data within a document against a defined database. For example, if you want to validate item codes and pricing UOM’s and prices within a customer’s purchase order against their contract prices to ensure they’re sending you the correct information.

Document validation actions

Once a document has failed the validation rules set against it the user can do a number of things based on the desired outcome.
The document can be rejected back to the initiator for rectification and re-sending, simply archived or it can be rectified and re-validated. The approach is configurable and easy to use.

Automated validation notification

There’s no need to watch the workflow day in and day out. You will be notified as and when a document has failed the defined validation rules so you will only need to access the workflow as and when required when you receive the notification.

Any document

The workflow can be setup for any document you receive, or send for that matter. Whether you want to validate supplier invoice data against purchase order data or your customers purchase orders or more complicated documents such as purchase order acknowledgements or ASN’s.

Audit and visibility

The Document Correction workflow keeps a full audit for each document that fails validation and the action taken against the document. This may be useful for future reference where the document forms part of a larger transaction set.

B2BE's Document Correction workflow

Document Correction Workflow Solutions | Document Management | B2BE

Our Document Correction workflow ensures the data you receive (or send) is correct so when the document is integrated into your ERP or business system it doesn’t cause errors and issues.

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