First Steps for Document Digitization

First Steps for Document Digitization

First steps toward digitizing your supplier’s paper invoices, removing the need to receive them in paper

To understand how to get going when you want to digitize documents there are several steps and questions you need to understand.

First Steps


What documents do you want to digitize? And what sort of volumes is there? Documents like supplier invoices are ideally suited to the digitization process.


How do you currently receive and manage hard copy documents within your business and is it easy or complicated to adapt the processes to digitize the documents?


Do you already receive some of the documents you wish to digitize via email?


Which records on the document does your system require to be able to process the file electronically? Usually not all data is required, and some qualifier information may also need to be inserted.


Do you need to apply validation rules based on your system’s requirements or based on business processes?


What system do you use? Can you get data into the system now? If you’re already receiving some of the documents, you wish to digitize then this is an easier step.


What formats does your system support?

First Steps for Document Digitization

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