First Steps for EDI and Document Formats

First Steps for
EDI Document

First steps toward in understanding document formats to be able to trade electronically to minimize effort

Dealing with multiple standards, trading partners, regions and systems means many different EDI document formats. How to decide on the format(s) your organization will support isn’t easy.

First Steps


Do you currently need to handle a number of different EDI document formats? For example, XML, ASCII, UN/EDIFACT, ANSI X12 etc.


Can your ERP handle all the different formats, or do you need middleware to enable integration, or support specific customer requirements?


To support some, or all, of the formats do you need to keep data externally to your ERP environment to enable integration, or to support customer requirements?


Do you trade across borders and need to support other countries’ formats and comply with government trading rules and regulations?


Can you take advantage of other systems such as PEPPOL with native formats (and protocols)?


Do you have support staff and personnel able to interpret and manage formats for new connections or trading partners?


Do your trading partners change formats which then requires further effort to support?

First Steps for EDI and Document Formats

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