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DSO Calculator | Day Sales Outstanding | B2BE Resources

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DSO and Cost of Capital

Use the B2BE DSO and Cost of Capital calculator to see what will happen if your organisation can improve its DSO days through better invoicing and collection practices and how B2BE can help in this area to ensure there is always a ROI for any project.
How to use the calculator

The number of days of the DSO measurement period which can be quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly. Sales should reflect the same time period.

Sales value for the period, excluding cash sales.

The value of Receivables (outstanding collectables).

Current DSO
Calculated from your sales for the period and your Receivables value, stated as number of days.

Cost of Capital
The cost of capital is the percentage your organisation could expect to receive based on market rates for the increased receipts.

Target DSO
The target days sales outstanding (DSO) is the desired target you would like to achieve through improved e-invoicing initiatives to help with better collection practices.

Enter your target number of Days Sales Outstanding.


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