Store and archive all electronic and hard copy documents, accessible through a secure online portal
  • Document Archiving
  • Online Access

Electronic documents can automatically be archived as part of the transmission process between your organization and your trading partners, customers, or suppliers.


B2BE’s document archiving allows organizations to manage their electronic and paper-based documents in a highly flexible online portal.


Key Features 

Standardised Storage
All hard copy documents are scanned and saved as PDF files, making the files easy to access, print, save, and email. EDI based documents, too.
Archived documents can be combined with B2BE’s workflow solutions as part of the upload and storage process. E.g: invoices may need approval and GL coding before they’re processed and archived. Workflows can be customized to process documents online, quickly and efficiently
Online Access & Download
Archived documents can be retrieved through a secure online interface using search functionality to search for unique identifier or other variables. Documents able to downloaded locally (individually or batched) and emailed.
Key Benefits

Faster Document Retrieval

When you need an old document, you can retrieve it, quickly and easily.

Secure Document Storage

Document storage is highly secure. You can make a document widely available or you can restrict its access. You can give suppliers or customers access to their documents.

Plug and Play Connectivity

The archiving solution is designed to plug and play with all B2BE’s products and solutions so you can store documents for any length of time, given business requirements or tax purposes.

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