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Our weekly supply chain bulletin – 12 September 2022

B2BE Weekly Supply Chain Bulletin - 12 September 2022 | Blog

This is your weekly supply chain bulletin from B2BE for the week starting 12th September 2022.

Each week, we bring you a rundown of the latest trends in the news from across the supply chain industry. We cover the issues most important to you, bringing you useful links to the full articles. This ranges from news on various supply chain disruptions to strategies to lessen the damage. We also include other relevant supply chain related updates. If you missed it, you can read last week’s edition here. Read on to see what’s making the news this week.

Bottle necks in the global supply chains could be causing high inflation among traded goods

Bottle necks in global supply chains have been an important driver of inflationary pressures, causing increased prices of tradable goods according to a latest research blog by the Bank of England. Supply disruptions have emerged from the Covid-related lockdowns, and the slower than predicted recovery from the pandemic. If factors such as US good consumption moderates and China re-emerges from lockdown it would support gradual easing in world goods price inflation.

Find out more from the Bank of England’s research blog.

Will supply chain issues halt the popularity of the electrical vehicle?

The popularity among electric vehicles has been steadily on the rise for the last 5-years. However, the cost of sourcing raw materials is soaring as geopolitical tensions mount. With inflationary challenges it’s a wonder whether the logistical challenges can be overcome by electrical car manufacturers.

Find out more in this recent article on the subject.

Amazon try to find new ways to overcome the global supply chain problems

Businesses around the world are all facing similar problems with global supply chain issues, as clearly seen above. Amazon however, has recently continued to build it’s robotics business with the acquisition of Cloostermans, a Belgium-based company that specializes in mechatronics. Helping raise the bar for how supply chain technology can benefit customers.

Read more about Amazon’s recent acquisition here.

How can small businesses navigate the global supply chain crisis?

91% of retail SMBs believe large corporations have an advantage over them in inventory procurement. As the news continue to highlight product shortages, it’s no surprise that smaller businesses are worried when it comes to ensuring they have inventory and supplies for the year ahead. The recent war in Ukraine has added more pressure to an already stressed global supply chain. This recent article highlights the steps SMBs can take to help manage the challenges of the global supply chain.

Read the article here.

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