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Near-shoring and off-shoring: your organisation’s supply chain intentions for the next 12 months

Off-shoring and near-shoring: your organisation’s supply chain intentions

Poll results

In our most recent LinkedIn poll, we asked voters how they’d describe their organisation’s intentions in relation to near-shoring and off-shoring over the course of the next year. This was to get a better idea for the priorities and plans that companies have for making changes to their supply chain for the year ahead, particularly in relation to moving operations to other countries.

We asked our LinkedIn audience to indicate their intentions for the next 12 months: looking to near-shore, looking to off-shore, no change, or unsure.

Off-shoring and near-shoring: what we found

  • The highest percentage of respondents, 50%, said that they were looking to near-shore their supply chain. Near-shoring is when an organisation moves its operations to a nearby country from one of greater distance. Benefits of near-shoring include allowing for more frequent visits to the manufacturing site, improved control of intellectual property, and closer proximity equating to a reduction of cultural discrepancies and language barriers.
  • The joint second-highest percentage of votes, 25%, were those looking to off-shore their operations. Off-shoring is when companies move their product manufacturing to a lower landed cost region than that of their native country. More specifically, off-shoring involves transferring activities or ownership of a complete business process to a different country from the country where the company receiving the services is located.
  • The same percentage, 25%, said that they had no changes planned for their organisation. This suggests some organisations are seemingly planning to continue on their current trajectory or make adjustments as and when they become unavoidable and necessary.
  • Finally, 0% of respondents said that they were not sure what their intentions were for the year ahead.

Do you agree with our results? Is your organisation including near-shoring or off-shoring in their supply chain strategy for the next 12 months? Let us know by reaching out on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. And don’t forget to vote in our latest LinkedIn poll – they come out every week, so vote and share your thoughts – we’d love to hear from you.

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