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Electronic trading: how capable is your organisation?

Electronic trading: how capable is your organisation?

Poll results

In our most recent LinkedIn poll, we asked voters how they’d describe their organisation’s electronic trading capabilities in relation to their suppliers. This was to get a better idea for the abilities that companies have for trading electronically with their suppliers across the supply chain.  It will also help us gain a better understanding of the state of the modern supply chain.

We asked our LinkedIn audience to choose their organisation’s electronic trading capabilities: capable and strongly pursuing, capable but not pursuing, somewhat capable or not capable.

Electronic trading: what we found

  • Of those asked, the most popular option, 38%, they were capable and strongly pursuing electronic trading. This is encouraging as it shows that, not only is the largest contingent capable but are pursuing ways to do it more effectively or in more sections of their business.
  • After that, 25%, said that they were capable but not pursuing electronic trading. Even if it is not as desirable as the previous answer, this percentage, added to the largest percentage mentioned above, means that 63% of the total number of respondents are sufficiently capable, a large and encouraging majority of respondents.
  • Unfortunately, an equal 25% of voters said that they were not capable of trading electronically. This is disappointing, but it is a relatively small percentage and leaves the possibility open for pursuing this either now or in the future.
  • Finally, 13% of respondents described themselves as somewhat capable. Though this is obviously not the most desired option, it means that an encouraging 75% are, at least, somewhat capable of trading electronically with a particularly large amount describing themselves as simply capable. This should be seen as a positive result for those of us that believe that trading electronically is a way to trade more efficiently, more quickly, and more successfully.

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