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Does Your Organization Want To Trade Electronically With Your Customers Or Suppliers?


B2BE’s ERP integrations with Xero for EDI transactions which help streamline business processes

Xero ERP integration allows Xero users to trade Purchase Order and/or Invoice with their buyers and/or suppliers via B2BE.

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Great range of interoperable e-based products to help your organization remove manual processes.

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Configurable plug and play solutions to automate you’re supply chain and business processes.


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XERO And B2BE Integration

About XERO

Xero is world-leading online accounting software built for small business
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Connect to XERO

Users connect to our B2BE app via the B2BE API Portal. They will receive the login credentials for the API Portal from us. Once they log into the API Portal, they need to authorize the B2BE app to access their Xero account data. Below shows the overall steps on how to connect.

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