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Elevate your profit margins and strengthen supplier relationships with our Buyer Dynamic Discounting solution

Our cutting-edge Dynamic Discounting solution for buyers empowers your organisation to optimise cash flow, enhance profitability, and forge stronger relationships with your suppliers. By leveraging the power of early payment discounts, you can therefore significantly improve your profit margins while providing much-needed liquidity to your suppliers.

With our advanced technology and collaborative approach, you can achieve a win-win scenario where both your organisation and your suppliers benefit. Join us on this journey to transform your procurement and finance operations, drive sustainable growth, and foster a robust and resilient supply chain.

Key features of B2BE's Buyer Dynamic Discounting solution

Automated reconcilliation

Firstly, our Buyer Dynamic Discounting Solution offers automated reconciliation, which streamlines the process of matching invoices with corresponding payments. Similarly, this eliminates manual reconciliation efforts, reducing errors, and consequently saving time for your finance team. Automated reconciliation ensures that invoices are accurately matched with payments, enabling businesses to efficiently manage their cash flow and improve financial visibility. By automating this critical process, businesses can minimise delays and discrepancies, improve accuracy, and optimise their cash flow management. Therefore resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and financial performance.

Performance reports

Next, our solution provides detailed performance reports that offer valuable insights and analytics on the effectiveness of your discounting program. These reports enable you to track and measure key performance indicators (KPIs). For example, discount capture rate, early payment discounts realised, cash flow improvement, and supplier participation rate. Performance reports empower you with data-driven insights to make informed decisions and optimise your discounting strategies. By leveraging performance reports, you can also gain visibility into the ROI of your discounting program, identify areas for improvement, and achieve overall better financial results.

Offer simulation

Thirdly, our solution includes offer simulation functionality. This allows you to firstly simulate different discounting scenarios and then evaluate the potential impact on your cash flow and supplier relationships. With offer simulation, you can easily model and analyse various discounting options, such as different discount rates or payment terms, and assess their impact on your cash flow and supplier relationships. This feature helps you make informed decisions on the most optimal discounting strategies. As well as ensuring you maximise your early payment discount opportunities while maintaining healthy supplier relationships.

Customisable backend treatment input file

Finally, our solution provides a customisable backend treatment input file that allows you to configure and define your own discounting rules and parameters. This feature enables you to tailor the discounting program according to your unique business requirements. For example, discount rates, payment terms, and eligibility criteria. The customisable backend treatment input file also gives you flexibility and control over your discounting program, allowing you to adapt and optimise the program based on your specific business needs. Importantly, this customisation feature ensures that the discounting program aligns with your business goals and strategies, providing you with a highly adaptable and scalable solution for dynamic discounting.

B2BE's Buyer Dynamic Discounting workflow

Our Buyer Dynamic Discounting solution enables buyers to optimise their cash flow management by offering early payment discounts to their suppliers in a seamless way serving as a bridge between buyers and their suppliers, providing them with a fast and convenient way to collaborate on early payment discounts.

Dynamic Discounting - Buyer ROI Calculator

Use the B2BE Calculator to see how much profit (value or APR%) can be achieved if your organisation implement dynamic discounting with our solution.

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