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Seamless Supplier Payments with B2B ePayment for Buyers

With B2B ePayment for Buyers, your business gains access to a powerful payment aggregator that streamlines payment processing and supplier onboarding, all within one intuitive platform. No more juggling multiple systems or navigating through endless paperwork – The B2B ePayment solution simplifies the entire process. 

With B2B ePayment your business can benefit from a range of features designed to enhance your payment experience. From real-time transaction reporting to seamless supplier onboarding including KYC checks, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Key features of B2BE's Buyer B2B ePayment solution

Payment Aggregation

Consolidate payment processes for multiple suppliers onto one platform, simplifying payment management and reducing complexity for your business.

Supplier Onboarding

Hand over the complex supplier onboarding to B2BE and seamlessly onboard suppliers onto the platform, including KYC checks, to ensure smooth integration into the payment ecosystem and facilitate efficient collaboration.

Intuitive Payment Portal

Access a user-friendly payment portal for reporting, allowing your business to monitor transaction activity and gain insights into your financial transactions in real-time.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate detailed transaction reports within the payment portal, providing transparency and control over financial activities.

Campaign Execution

Execute supplier enrollment and campaign initiatives directly within the platform, streamlining administrative processes and enhancing efficiency.

Flexible Payment Options

Pay all your suppliers using credit cards with B2B ePayment, allowing you to see increased days payment outstanding (DPO) while maintaining cash flow flexibility.

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