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Supplier EDI Solutions

EDI solutions for buyers to be able to trade electronically with their suppliers

Trading electronically with all of your suppliers can be a large undertaking particularly when your organization has many suppliers and many who will make-up a long tail. Some suppliers you will trade with frequently whereas others infrequently. What your organization buys and the way you buy also impacts electronic trading with suppliers.

B2BE’s managed supplier solutions helps to get the most out of your supplier EDI solution to enable 100% supplier electronic trading. Whether it is a pure play EDI solution or offering suppliers a Web EDI solution, you can trade with all your suppliers electronically, easily and simply while still giving suppliers choice based on their capabilities and needs.

Key features of B2BE's Supplier EDI solution

Connect once, connect to all

Your suppliers will have different levels of capabilities and may also operate in other industries which means they may need to support multiple formats, standards and connectivity requirements. Once you have a connection into B2BE’s EDI network then this will not be an issue you need to contend with. B2BE manages all the required connectivity requirements, formats and capabilities of your suppliers.

Managed supplier on-boarding

Each new supplier requires resourcing effort to on-board. What standards do they support, which protocol do they use and once setup testing, and in some cases accreditation needs to be managed which adds resource time.

B2BE can manage the on-boarding process for you. B2BE handles the technical requirements and can liaise between you and your suppliers to complete the testing phases so it means suppliers can be on-boarded faster and you don’t need to get involved with the technical details.

Enrichment and validation

To increate integration rates and minimise errors electronic documents from suppliers such as ASN’s, POC’s and Invoices can be enriched to include qualifier data such as supplier ID’s or data from a preceding document and validated. Is the supplier sending the right structure, data and content? If not to reduce integration failure B2BE can enrich and validate based on the your defined rules so errors can be addressed automatically and quickly or simply sent back to the supplier for rectification.

Many suppliers, particularly in a buyer’s long tail may not be able to support a fully integrated EDI solution. The B2BE Web EDI, Web Trader solution means documents can be exchanged with your supplier’s electronically and the supplier can respond using the Web Trader interfaces. This means you can define the way a supplier can respond, validate on the fly and keep your trading fully electronic while the supplier uses the browser version to trade with you electronically.

B2BE's Supplier EDI workflow

Supplier EDI Solutions | Document Management | B2BE

Our Supplier EDI solution allows for seamless document management automation with your suppliers. Providing translation, enrichment and validation for any document format or protocol with managed supplier on-boarding.

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