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ERP Integration with QuickBooks

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B2BE has worked with QuickBooks customers to help integrate with their customers and suppliers and B2BE’s solutions. Our range of solutions provides the necessary support to those who want to integrate their QuickBooks ERP and connect with their trading partners across the supply chain. 

B2BE’s solutions are easy to integrate with QuickBooks, saving businesses time and money and helping to grow e-Commerce capabilities. With B2BE, QuickBooks users are supported with their electronic trading capabilities.

Allowing your organization to send and receive any document based on your trading partner’s capability or your requirements.


Fully automates the file transmission process, even allowing the re-transmission of documents that customers and suppliers need.


Removal of all manual data entry tasks replaced with integrated data directly from your supply chain.


All business documents are easily accessible online and are easy to share with your trading partners.


Provides a highly efficient managed services solution, building around the needs of you and your trading partners, and QuickBooks.


Integrate your QuickBooks data and documents with any of B2BE’s solutions, whether it is a fully outsourced Document Management solution, Procure to Pay or Cash to Collection solution.

Once your QuickBooks business system is integrated into the B2BE network, you can better leverage your organizations electronic trading capabilities.

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