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Carbon Footprint

Use the B2BE carbon footprint calculator to see what happens if your organisation reduces the number of manual or paper-based documents you send and receive. An organisation’s carbon footprint is becoming a key metric in today’s world and each organisation has a chance to help reduce the world’s mounting carbon production issues. See how B2BE can help your organisation.
How to use the calculator

Document Type

Select the document type you wish to automate. You can select ALL if you wish to simply see what automating any or all document types will achieve in terms of carbon reductions and the number of trees this equates to. Likewise, if the document type you’re searching for isn’t in the drop down please select ALL. The list is not exhaustive, B2BE has automated over 100 different document types in different markets and industries.

Enter the volume of the document(s) you wish to automate and which you currently trade manually or are paper based.


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