Sustainability - Our Pledge In Corporate Governance

Sustainability – Our Pledge In Corporate Governance

As a company, we aim to create a more sustainable supply chain as we head forward into a more sustainable future. Therefore, we are always eager to learn more about how as a company we can be more sustainable.

Read our Corporate Governance Sustainability Statement here.

An article from the Harvard Business Review highlights how important it is for all companies within this sector to be more aware of sustainability and its ever-growing benefits.

The article identifies where the problems are with statistics that back up this evidence, such as in Mexico where they visited five low tier suppliers, where they found “all lacked environmental management systems”.

The author of the article then proceeds to discuss the best practices for all multinational corporations after undertaking a study of three corporations and identifying what works best globally. These they argue are “beneficial measures that other companies should consider adopting”.

They also identify four broad approaches for good practice:

  • Direct Approach
  • Indirect Approach
  • Collective Approach
  • Global Approach

Ideally, multinational corporations would use a combination of all to encourage sustainable practices.

Here at B2BE we found this article very informative and wanted to share it with our wider audience.

We too are doing are playing our part in being a sustainable company, and we have created resources based on this. If you are interested in reading our Electrical Wholesalers – Driving Sustainable Growth Whitepaper.

If you are interested in hearing more or learning more about the products and services B2BE offer, get in touch today to talk to a member of our team.

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