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The B2BE resource centre lets you access a range of information and tools to help you decide if we’re a good fit for your organisation. Take a look at our reports, case studies, white papers, product and solution brochures and calculators to understand how B2BE can help your organisation succeed in the e-commerce space.



B2BE supports and sponsors a number of organisations and consultants and consultants who specialise in fields that B2BE operates and who publish reports, research papers, and information that are worth checking out.


B2BE has helped hundreds of organisations across the world implement e-commerce and supply chain solutions so read our range of case studies and success stories highlighting some of these organizations.

White Papers

Our whitepapers provide an authoritative and explanatory view outlining a range of concepts and ideas relating to the B2BE product and solution portfolio helping you define an approach and in turn make a decision.

Eerste stappen

If you're looking for more information about how to take your first steps on your e-commerce or e-enablement journey and what that may look like using one of B2BE's solutions download one of our first steps data sheets.


If you're looking for e-invoicing, accounts payable or accounts receivable solution, look at our calculators to see how B2BE can improve your DSO and DPO days. B2BE are confident we have the tools to improve your numbers, try our calculators today.

Products and Solutions Sheets

If you're looking for more information about one of B2BE's product and solution material. You can download any one of our products or solution data sheets via its independent resource page.



Our expertise in automating supply chain allows our clients to grow more efficient when growing their EDI networks.


Check out our upcoming and featured webinars to get valuable information about supply chain automation, our products and solutions, best practices, and much more.


B2BE aims to guide customers and suppliers alike through all products and solutions with ease. This is our page for all questions frequently asked of our teams globally.
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