What feature to look for in a buyer EDI solution

What feature to look for in a buyer EDI solution

In this article, we outline several key features to prioritise when selecting a new buyer EDI solution for your business.

Procurement processes have existed as a challenge for many businesses over many years. The need to address this challenge has shifted mindsets towards automation where procurement becomes an easier and more reliable process to manage. Take EDI solutions for instance—having the exchange of purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, and other business documents between buyers and suppliers via electronic means has drastically changed the way businesses function. When it comes to buyer EDI solutions especially, many businesses want to simplify their supplier integration.

Poll results

In our most recent LinkedIn poll, we asked our followers what features they prioritise when looking for a buyer EDI solution.

What one feature do you look for in a buyer EDI solution?

  • Managed supplier on-boarding
  • Data validation
  • One-time connectivity

Managed supplier on-boarding

Managed supplier onboarding emerged as the most critical feature among respondents, with 57% of participants highlighting its importance. For buyers, efficiently onboarding suppliers is crucial for establishing seamless EDI connections and ensuring smooth transactions. Managed supplier onboarding solutions streamline this process by providing pre-configured templates, standardised workflows, and automated setup procedures. By reducing the time and effort required to integrate new suppliers, these solutions help buyers quickly connect with their supply chain partners, enhancing collaboration and operational efficiency.

Data validation

Data validation was identified as a key feature by 29% of respondents. In the context of buyer EDI solutions, data validation ensures that all exchanged documents comply with predefined standards and business rules. This feature is essential for preventing errors, reducing discrepancies, and maintaining data integrity throughout the procurement process. Data validation tools automatically check the accuracy and completeness of incoming and outgoing documents, flagging any issues for correction before they impact the supply chain. By ensuring data accuracy and compliance, buyers can avoid costly mistakes and maintain smooth, efficient operations.

One-time connectivity

One-time connectivity garnered 14% of the votes in our poll. For buyers, one-time connectivity solutions offer a simplified approach to establishing and managing EDI connections with multiple suppliers. Instead of handling multiple, complex integrations, one-time connectivity provides a single connection point that allows buyers to exchange documents with various suppliers. This approach reduces the complexity and maintenance burden associated with multiple integrations, enabling buyers to focus on core business activities and quickly adapt to changing supply chain requirements.

Support for suppliers with no EDI

Interestingly, support for suppliers with no EDI capabilities did not receive any votes in our poll, indicating that this feature might be less of a priority for the respondents. However, it remains an important consideration for buyers who work with smaller suppliers or those lacking EDI infrastructure. Solutions that offer support for non-EDI suppliers typically include web portals or simplified interfaces where suppliers can manually enter data and receive documents electronically. This feature ensures that all suppliers, regardless of their technological capabilities, can participate in the digital supply chain, maintaining continuity and inclusivity.


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