B2BE's Web Portal Product Has Been Upgraded

B2BE’s Web Portal Product Has Been Upgraded

The B2BE Web Portal has recently had several updates to better manage and deliver supplier and customer visibility and engagement solutions.

The Webportaal is a way in which many of the B2BE automation tools can be accessed. It provides all organisations with a greater level of visibility and management of their transactional data, no matter how it is sent or received.

The latest release is designed to enhance several applications and modules and give greater levels of auditability to the owner of the Web Portal and is coupled with some great new functionality for the Crediteuren en Documenten doorsturen (outbound document management) applications to name but a few.

To find out more about how the Web Portal solution can help automate and improve the visibility of your supply chain, get in contact with us here, or request a demo and we would be happy to show you its currently available features, and highlight the ones in its latest release.

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