Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Document Automation | Blog | B2BE

Reduce your carbon footprint with document automation

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Document Automation | Blog | B2BE

In today’s world, it’s vital organisations recognise their impact on the environment. Looking for ways to enact sustainable business practices – through the power of technology and automation, it’s more possible than ever to reduce your carbon footprint.

What does this mean in practice? Sustainability has become part of our everyday lives, but how does that apply to business? An increasing number of organisations are looking at how they can step away from paper-based documents to help reduce their carbon footprint as customers and employees demand a more sustainable way of doing business. However, failing to adapt will cause challenges in the future – no matter the size of the company.

Implementing the necessary changes often requires a company-wide assessment and joint efforts throughout the workplace. Sometimes, it could mean transforming processes, choosing new providers and investing in education. For example, throughout the last two years, organisations have seen an increased demand for using fewer paper-based documents due to the global pandemic heightening the number of employees that work from home and are either unable to use paper-based documents or choose not to for security. This culture change has helped businesses reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the number of manual or paper-based records.

How we can help reduce your company’s carbon footprint

However, it can get better. Measuring your company’s carbon footprint is an excellent place to begin the conversation. An organisation’s carbon footprint is becoming a key metric in today’s world, and each organisation has a chance to help reduce the world’s mounting carbon production issues. Use the B2BE carbon footprint calculator to see if your organisation reduces the number of manual or paper-based documents you send and receive.

B2BE has helped save over 37,000 trees by automating over 314,000,000 documents. This creates a reduction of +800,000 in CO2 emissions. Be part of the change, and learn how to automate your documents.

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