Data-Driven Supplier Automation: How Capable Is Your Organisation?

Datagestuurde automatisering van leveranciers: hoe capabel is uw organisatie?

Datagestuurde automatisering van leveranciers: hoe capabel is uw organisatie?

Poll results

In our most recent LinkedIn poll, we asked supply chain professionals how they would describe their organisation’s capabilities of data-driven supplier automation. We wanted to understand how organisations rate their ability to automate data when trading with their supply chain partners. This is part of our series of polls designed to better understand how companies are planning to manage their supply chain for the year ahead. In particular, we’re interested in supply chain management in relation to automating moving operations and EDI solutions.

We asked our LinkedIn audience to describe the capability of their organisation’s data-driven supplier automation. The 4 options were: superb data and full automation, good data with some automation, fair data with some automation and finally, poor data with limited automation.

Data-driven supplier automation: what we found

  • Of those surveyed, a disappointing 0% said that they would describe their organisation’s automation capability as having superb data and full automation.
  • However, the most popular option, with 50% of votes, was from those that described their capabilities as having good data with some automation.
  • The next most popular options, both receiving 25% of responses, were organisations describing their capabilities as having fair data with some automation, and poor data with limited automation.

From this, we can infer that 75% of respondents maintain some workable level of data and automation. However, as aforementioned, it is disappointing that there were no votes for the ideal option. Hopefully, in the coming years we will continue to see more organisations move away from manual data entry and embrace the possibilities that come from automation and digitalisation of their operations. Fortunately, a great number of respondents appear to have, at least, taken their first steps towards this end.

Do you agree with our results? How is your organisation using data-driven supplier automation to streamline business processes and work with trading partners? Let us know by reaching out on LinkedIn, Twitter of Facebook. And don’t forget to vote in our latest LinkedIn poll – they come out every week, so vote and share your thoughts – we’d love to hear from you.

More information

B2BE’s expertise in automating supply chains allows our clients to grow more efficient in managing their environments, provide greater levels of visibility, and increase profitability. If you’d like to discuss your supply chain strategy and how best to optimise your business processes, get in touch with us.

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