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Company and Solutions

B2BE provides organisations a range of e-based supply chain solutions to help them improve processes, become more efficient and profitable.


Founded in Australia in 1998, B2BE has expanded across Asia, Europe, and North America. B2BE supply e-based solutions to clients in a broad range of industries and market segments which are specifically designed to automate many areas within the supply chain to improve efficiency, visibility, throughput and help reduce costs.

B2BE’s mission is to provide innovative e-solutions to facilitate effective process improvement, driving cost savings into businesses with competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

B2BE’s team of e-solution specialists have a track record in a wide range of industries which has given B2BE’s team extensive experience and an ability to collaborate with clients, intermediaries and, third party providers to ensure what we do add values.

B2BE’s suite of e-based supply chain focused products and solutions are highly flexible, configurable and adaptive to ensure they can fit our client’s business whilst still adding value through improving and streamlining processes, ensuring resources are efficiently utilised and not focused on the mundane.

Improving processes, visibility and collaboration of back-end functions such as document processing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and procurement through a range of online tools to ultimately deliver efficiency.

Related Solutions

Comptes fournisseurs

How much does your organisation want to automate and streamline your accounts payable environment? B2BE's solutions can automate in part or in total your accounts payable functions to improve throughput and accuracy.

Distribution des documents

B2BE's Document Distribution solution allows intelligent routing of documents so they're sent from your organisation electronically and B2BE handles the distribution methodology based on the defined approach set by your organisation or your organisation's clients.


Automate and streamline your organisation's e-invoicing environments to improve processes, increase throughput and allow accounts payable and accounts receivable environments to focus on adding value.

Solutions pour les Achats

B2BE's Procurement solutions facilitate several areas within the procurement process to provide a sophisticated, yet straight forward, procurement environment.

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