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Supply chain automation: what level of visibility or how involved should business functions be?

Supply Chain Automation: What Level Of Visibility Is Right? | Blog

Poll results

In our most recent LinkedIn poll, we asked the opinion of supply chain professionals about how they would describe their organisation’s priorities. This week’s poll was specifically in relation to the visibility of supply chain automation across their business functions.

We asked our LinkedIn audience what level of visibility should business functions have over supply chain automation. Voters could choose from: certain aspects need visibility, full visibility to all parts, necessary for electronic trading and finally, shouldn’t get involved at all.

Visibility of supply chain automation: what we found

  • The largest vote percentage, 50%, believe that certain aspects of the supply chain need visibility.
  • The joint-second most popular option, 25%, argues there should be full visibility to all parts.
  • Conversely, but with another 25%, was the opinion that visibility is necessary for electronic trading.
  • Finally, 0% of voters believed that businesses should not get involved at all with transit visibility.

Supply chain visibility is the ability to track any goods while they are in transit so that stakeholders can track them even from as early as the manufacturing stage to their final delivery point. The goal of supply chain visibility is to strengthen the overall supply chain. This can be achieved by making sure that transport data is readily available to all stakeholders, including the customer. A straightforward way to improve visibility is through the application track and trace systems, RFID technology or smart sensors.

Not only will doing this increase efficiency, but it will also reduce wasted time and increase visibility across your supply network, helping all stakeholders from suppliers to customers. Implementing these measures is crucial as supply chain visibility becomes more difficult amid an increasingly global and complex supply chain.

More information

B2BE’s ability in supply chain automation allows our clients to grow more efficient in managing their digital and online environments. This enables greater levels of visibility, and increased profitability. To engage with B2BE and to be able to offer us feedback on what matters most to you and to your business, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and across social media. If you’d like to discuss your supply chain strategy and how best to optimise your business processes, get in touch with us.

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