New on the B2BE Website: Carbon Footprint Calculator for Paper Documents

Empreinte carbone Calculatrice

B2BE has just released a new carbon footprint calculator that allows you to see what happens if your organisation reduces the number of manual or paper-based documents you send and receive. An organisation’s carbon footprint is becoming a key metric in today’s world and each organisation has a chance to help reduce the world’s mounting carbon production issues.

Click this link to visit the Carbon Footprint Calculator.

The calculator covers the various documents below. The list is not exhaustive, B2BE has automated over 100 different document types in different markets and industries.

  • Tous
  • Réclamations de crédit
  • Notes de crédit
  • Notes de débit
  • Confirmations de livraison
  • Dossiers de livraison
  • Instructions de livraison
  • Delivery Just In time
  • Avis d'expédition
  • Factures
  • Manifestations
  • Accusés de réception des bons de commande
  • Rapports sur l'état des commandes
  • Déclarations de fret sortant
  • Confirmations d'emballage
  • Conseils de paiement
  • Bons de commande
  • Citations
  • RCTI/factures d'auto-facturation
  • Avis de remise
  • Déclarations

Interested in your business’s result? To learn more how to achieve paper digitisation with B2BE, reach out to us via our Contact Page.

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