B2BE Connecting you to Amazon Australia

B2BE can connect you to Amazon locations globally and now Australia. Amazon Australia covers 23 categories including books, computers, music, clothing, accessories, home improvement, consumer electronics, kitchen goods and baby products with a national distribution facility in Melbourne and a head office based in Sydney.

Whilst B2BE has been connecting suppliers electronically (EDI) with Amazon Inc worldwide, B2BE has now established direct EDI trading links with Amazon Australia. Amazon Australia has steadily been inviting Australian companies to supply Amazon Australia directly by invitation only.

If you have received an invitation from Amazon Australia to become a supplier B2BE are able to assist you if you want to trade electronically with Amazon Australia or wish to sell your products directly via the Amazon marketplace. Drop us an email at au.info@b2be.com or go to our contact page to get in touch and we can discuss electronic integration requirements to get you up and running with Amazon Australia.

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