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B2BE announce exciting new project with Crisp

B2BE Announce Exciting New Partnership With Crisp | Blog

B2BE is thrilled to announce their new and exciting project to equip Crisp with greater e-Trading Supplier management as they expand in the Benelux Union.

Amsterdam-based online supermarket Crisp has experienced continued growth in its business. This will allow greater success across the Netherlands and before hopefully expanding the organisation through Europe. To meet the new challenges and opportunities ahead, Crisp has joined forces up with B2BE to manage their communication and data transmission with an ever-increasing network of suppliers and other supply chain partners. With B2BE, Crisp can move its supplier relationships onto a bespoke electronic platform. This allows them to send Bestellungen more quickly, update their core systems flawlessly, integrate their Order Responses, and implement flawless Kreditorenbuchhaltung processes with electronic Invoices.

Over the coming months, Crisp and B2BE will be teaming up with suppliers to complete their onboarding processes, aiming to deliver greater supply chain efficiency, productivity, and service for their partners. B2BE will be partnering with Crisp to onboard both their existing and new suppliers to B2BE’s EDI network, so that trading partners can connect by using their own personalised file formats. The EDI network will make this process fundamentally simple and straightforward. Crisp will also ensure full control and monitoring of message exchanges through the online portal which make real-time overviews of message statuses available between the business and their suppliers.


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