Are Channels To Market Impacted By Changes In Consumer Behaviour?

Are channels to market impacted by changes in consumer behaviour?

Are channels to market impacted by changes in consumer behaviour? | Blog

Poll results

In our most recent LinkedIn poll, B2BE asked the opinion of supply chain professionals how they would describe the relationship between consumer behaviour, specifically purchase and ultimate product use, and their channels to market. These channels refer to the entities necessary for the transference of goods from production to consumption. Channels to market are key to a successful marketing strategy, variously linking producers, customers, retailers, consumers, wholesalers, and brokers. The complexity of a channel largely depends on the organisation and the marketplace in which their goods are sold. However, the end goal is always to eventually get these products to consumers.

We asked voters this question specifically in relation to whether their channels to market strategies were being affected by the change in consumer behaviour. Changes in this area are constant and inevitable. However, changes seem to be occurring more rapidly and significantly due to a combination of accelerating factors we have seen recently or are seeing today. The most obvious trend is the accelerated shift to online shopping and the consequent decrease of in-person shopping, as well as a greater consumption of leisure products, and greater value-based consumer purchasing.

Channels to market: what we found

  • Of those asked, 78% of respondents, by far the most popular opinion with a sizeable majority, said that consumer behaviour had affected their channels to market greatly.
  • Next, in joint second place, with 11% of responses, are those that said that these changes in consumer behaviour had only affected their channels marginally.
  • The same amount, however, another 11% of those that responded to the poll, said that the change in behaviour had not at all affected their channels to market.
  • Finally, with no votes for this option, 0% of respondents said that the effect of change in how consumers buy and use products had not impacted their channels to market much.

More information

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