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Vital Health Foods

Vital Health Foods | Case Studies | Supply Chain Management Solutions | B2BE

Business objective

Vital needed to comply with GHPL’s directive requiring all suppliers to move to electronic Purchase Orders (PO), Purchase Order Acknowledgements (POA) and Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN).

Business benefits

Vital now complies with GHPL’s Scan Packing requirements – and because B2BE’s Web Portal is web-based, they didn’t need to install any complex software or purchase new computer equipment. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use the system – and bringing new sites online is a piece of cake.

B2BE solutions

Vital complies with GHPL’s Scan Packing requirements without installing any complex software

Founded in 1947, Vital Health Foods is an Australian SME selling vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbal products, health foods and teas.

Vital is based in Ourimbah NSW, and their products are distributed throughout Australia in pharmacies, health shops and a variety of other retail outlets.

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Vital need, Web Portal solution

Vital Health Foods Australia came to B2BE with an issue. GHPL – one of their major customers – had issued a directive requiring all suppliers to move to electronic Purchase Orders.

Vital Health Foods (Vital) are an Australian SME selling tea and vitamins. When they receive a Purchase Order (PO) from GHPL, they create an Invoice and email it to the warehouse, where the order is picked & packed for shipping.

GHPL have issued a directive detailing the need for suppliers to move to electronic POs. GHPL also now requires electronic Purchase Order Acknowledgments (POA) and Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN). Suppliers must also return EAN SSCC carton code, weight and pallet size information.

Vital had been receiving Purchase Orders from GHPL for about 4 years via B2BE (at that time this division of B2BE was called TEDIS). “We have been extremely happy with B2BE and their service,” says Mike Glover, CEO of Vital Health Australia. “When the GHPL directive came through, it made sense for us to speak to B2BE who already assist us with GHPL.“

Vital Health Foods | Case Studies | Supply Chain Management Solutions | B2BE

B2BE came to the rescue with Web Portal, an internet-based solution providing a web form pre-populated with information taken from the original PO. This is known as a “Turnaround Web Form” – as the data from one business document (PO) is turned around to fill in another business document (the ASN).

POAs are also automatically generated and sent back to GHPL within three hours of receiving the PO where a PO is to be part filled. A Turnaround POA web form for part filled POs needing manual adjustment is also provided.

Because Vital also has separate marketing and warehousing facility locations, B2BE provided multiple logons for the different Vital locations. At each location, a bar code scanner is used to populate the SSCC pallet label number field on the ASN screen. It is also used to scan consignment note bar codes and item level GTINs, to check against the prepopulated Item field.

Vital also had a concern about maintaining data integrity – another key requirement of the GHPL directive.

Web Portal caters for this concern by automating as much of the process as possible, eliminating errors caused by re-keying of information.

“We essentially were after a high quality, low cost, easy solution to solve our Scan Packing messaging issues and B2BE delivered to our requirements”, says Glover.

Vital Health Foods | Case Studies | Supply Chain Management Solutions | B2BE

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