B2BE Weekly Supply Chain Bulletin - 3 January 2023 | B2BE Blog

Our weekly supply chain bulletin – 3 January 2023

B2BE Weekly Supply Chain Bulletin - 3 January 2023 | B2BE Blog

This is your weekly supply chain bulletin from B2BE for the week starting 2nd January 2023.

Each week, we bring you a rundown of the latest trends in the news from across the supply chain industry. We cover the issues most important to you, bringing you useful links to the full articles. This ranges from news on various supply chain disruptions to strategies to lessen the damage. We also include other relevant supply chain related updates. If you missed it, you can read our last supply chain bulletin here. Read on to see what’s making the news this week.

Nero100 2023 supply chain predictions

2023 looks full of change, but this article predicts more opportunities than threats to the global supply chain. Supply chain leaders are ready to adapt by thinking differently about sustainability and digitisation, and understand how supply networks can be zero carbon, 100% digital. The predictions include reshoring speeding up and big tech slowing down.

Read the full list here.

Supply chain act comes into force for Germany in 2023

From this year, German companies need to ensure that human rights are respected in their supply chains. Organisations with more than 3,000 employees will be required to comply with obligations for their entire supply chain. These businesses must carry out official risk analysis, introduce risk management and a complaints mechanism which are reported on publicly.

Find out more about the impact this legislation will have on German businesses.

Canada to begin developing supply chain due diligence law

Countries around the world have been developing due diligence laws for ESG responsibilities (take the article on Germany above, for example). Canada has become the latest county to plan to create a legislation to order companies to provide a supply chain risk report every year. The bill would also amend Canada’s customs tariffs to prohibit import of goods mined, manufactured or produced by forced or child labour.

Read more about what this new legislation will mean for businesses operating in Canada.

Is 2023 the year that AI-driven workflow will impact change in the supply chain?

Over the past year, increasing challenges have impacted the supply chain across the globe. With manufacturing leaders struggling to find quick, and cheap solutions to the challenges. Advanced AI solutions could play a critical role in solving the ongoing supply chain crisis.

Mehr lesen.

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