What Is a Product Workflow? | Product Workflow FAQs | B2BE Blog

What is a Product Workflow? Frequently Asked Questions about the Workflow Process

What Is a Product Workflow? | Product Workflow FAQs | B2BE Blog

A Product Workflow is a sequence of tasks that processes a set of data. They are paths that describe how a product moves from undone to done, or raw to processed. They occur across a variety of businesses and industries. A product workflow is created any time data passes between humans or systems.

Below, we answer some other common FAQs about the workflow process.

What is the product workflow process?

A product workflow process is a series of sequential tasks that execute an agreed business process. They are based on user-defined conditions. A business process is a collection of interconnected steps a group of users follow to accomplish an organisational goal.

The process, therefore, starts with loading data onto the train cars, which is based on the number of hours worked. Following this, highly functional forms are templatised and automatically populate all information for each employee.

What are the four main components of a product workflow?

The four main components of a product workflow are:

  1. Actors: this means the people or machines that are responsible for at least part of the work.
  2. Activities: these are the required tasks or business processes and represent a single, logical step in the process. When performed in a specific way, it is termed an action. These are structured so that they are suitable for the person or machine before moving on. When actors are coupled with activities in a pair, it is called a task.
  3. Results: These are the desired outcomes of each step.
  4. State: This occurs when a project is between processes. A flow control guarantees the flow of processes is heading in the right direction. These are determined based on how they are defined.

A workflow automates either part, or all, of the business process. It is important to ensure the required documents and information flow from one participant to another without any errors to achieve precision in the product workflow each time.

What are the steps to create a product workflow?

  • Firstly, identify your resources
  • List the tasks to complete
  • Find out who is accountable for each step and assign roles
  • Create a workflow diagram to visualise the process
  • Test the workflow you created
  • Train your team on the new workflow
  • Deploy the new workflow

What is a workflow diagram?

A workflow diagram is a visual representation of a business process (or workflow). A common format for a workflow diagram is a flowchart. A workflow chart or workflow diagram, as it’s also known, is an effective and easy-to-understand tool that assists people with a common shared goal: to understand business processes, management, and human resource tasks.

If done accurately, a well-designed workflow chart illustrates the flow of tasks and actions to complete a job. Standardised symbols describe the required steps needed to complete a process. It also establishes responsibility for individuals at each step.

What are workflow tools?

Business Workflow tools are the business user’s answer to Business Process Management software. This is because they are a human-centric approach to managing and automating common business processes. Furthermore, these tools usually require less coding and programming. As a result, this means that the people closest to business processes are able to use them.

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An effective workflow solution will give your organisation processes greater visibility and control. Learn more about the B2BE Workflow Solutions, or get in touch to speak to a member of the team.

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