LIVEKINDLY Collective partners with B2BE for Customer & Supplier Management

B2BE is pleased to announce a new global partnership with LIVEKINDLY Collective that will facilitate the rollout of e-Trading with Customers & Suppliers.

Being on a mission to make plant-based living the new norm, LIVEKINDLY Collective shifts the global food system to a sustainable one. To establish the required impact at scale and at speed, B2BE contributes by enabling a fully scalable and innovative Cloud platform that allows LIVEKINDLY Collective partners & brands to exchange e-Supply transactions swiftly with their trading partners.

B2BE will be working with LIVEKINDLY Collective to onboard existing and new trading partners to the B2BE EDI network, where trading partners can connect in their own file formats with the B2BE EDI network doing the heavy lifting. In addition, LIVEKINDLY Collective will ensure full control and monitoring of message exchange through the online portal which provides a real-time overview of the message status with all connected trading partners.

Over the coming months, LIVEKINDLY Collective and B2BE will be working closely with partners and brands to complete the onboarding process aimed at delivering greater supply chain efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of trading with paper documents.

Jos Wellema (GM BeNeLux, B2BE): “In these challenging times, B2BE is honored to support LIVEKINDLY Collective in their mission to make plant-based living the new norm. We look forward to connecting with their trading partners to deliver LIVEKINDLY Collective’s e-trading ambitions as they evolve and grow.”

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