The Growth Of EDI Over The Next Six Years | Blog | B2BE

The growth of EDI over the next six years

The Growth Of EDI Over The Next Six Years | Blog | B2BE

The electronic data interchange market is set to double in the next six years. EDI remains at the core of business throughout the world. With EDI growth and relevance set to expand as we continue to drive not only through 2022, but all the way to 2027.

The global pandemic changed how organisations thought about digital transformation, which drove initiatives forward by years. One of the most impacted areas during this time was the supply chain, which experienced global disruption during the height of the pandemic. This showed organisations the need for levels of resilience that many struggled to have and the ability to communicate digitally and engage with their suppliers, customers and partners at every stage in the supply chain. However, the disruption enabled businesses to understand how they could achieve greater resiliency and improved communication more easily.

PEPPOL and other e-invoicing mandates continue to grow

The PEPPOL access point allows organisations to trade with multiple partners that are connected to the PEPPOL trading network. Created as an EU-funded project to establish standards for electronic public procurement, it is an EDI protocol designed to simplify the process between supplier and government. Achieving widespread adoption in Europe, PEPPOL is becoming more established globally in countries such as Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, further increasing the growth of EDI. Over the next six years, we can expect to see increased global adoption of PEPPOL and other e-invoicing tools.

An increase in partnering with trusted EDI providers

As local infrastructures age, and those setting up the systems move organisations or roles, upgrading EDI systems becomes more challenging but essential. Therefore, many organisations are deciding to hand EDI functionality to specialist EDI service providers. As trusted providers can handle the EDI issues, the organisations can focus on the core activities that generate value.

Find out more about EDI

If you’re interested in learning more about EDI and how you can trade with your partners electronically check out our resources for Whitepapers, case studies oder first steps all on the impact of moving to fully managed EDI. If you’d like to learn more about B2BE’s fully managed EDI solution, contact us today.

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