Supply Chain Of The Future: What Technology Will Have Greatest Impact?

The supply chain of the future: what technology will have the greatest impact?

Supply Chain Of The Future: What Technology Will Have Greatest Impact? | Blog | B2BE


在我们最近的 ǞǞǞ poll, B2BE asked our social media followers their thoughts on the supply chain of the future, specifically which innovations would have the greatest impact on supply chain management. We offered them three likely candidates with the option to say so if they felt none of these represented their expectations.

Supply chain of the future: what we found

Their responses can be found below:

AI (artificial intelligence)

Of those that responded, an overwhelming majority, 63%, cited AI (artificial intelligence) as having the greatest potential impact.

  • Supply chains use AI to increase efficiency and reduce the impact of worker shortages. We find AI applications throughout supply chains, from the manufacturer to the recipient. When ordinary supply chain management strategies are not effective, AI can automate tasks like warehouse sorting, enabling companies to offer same-day delivery to customers wherever they may be. AI offers a clear overview of the supply chain, predicting variables more efficiently than any analyst. This means businesses can make better decisions and increase resilience.

Cloud computing

The second-most popular response were the 23% that believed cloud computing would have the greatest impact.

  • Cloud-based technologies will help companies collect, analyse, integrate, and interpret high- quality, up-to-date data. We use this data to build automation, forecasting, and robotics. These innovations will replace traditional supply chain management. Cloud computing allows businesses to manage resources online. It allows businesses to access information virtually, whereby, we can access data anytime and anywhere. More companies are moving towards cloud computing. A cloud-based service allows greater connectivity and visibility with open-ended scalability for handling pressing and demanding operations on an as-needed basis.


The joint-least popular answer was for robotics, with 7% of respondents feeling it would have the greatest impact on the supply chain of the future.

  • Robotics improves performance and productivity, increasing manufacturing firm’s labour costs. Both SMEs and large firms grow from robotics. It can allow workforce adaptability and improve safety for workers by taking over dangerous jobs at the warehouse level. Reduced human error and increased delivery speed brought about by robotic automation will increase customer satisfaction. Robotic Process Automation in supply chains automates manual processes and leave little room for error. These innovative tools are software solutions via virtual servers that we can execute and shut down at the desired hour.

Other innovations

Finally, the second option to receive 7% were those believing that other innovations will have the greatest impact on the supply chain of the future.

  • These might include 3D Printing, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Smart Sensors or excitingly perhaps a new technology that we have not invented yet.


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