Is Cloud Computing Part Of Your Supply Chain Strategy? | Blog | B2BE

Is cloud computing a part of your supply chain management strategy?

Is Cloud Computing Part Of Your Supply Chain Strategy? | Blog


在我们最近的 ǞǞǞ poll, B2BE asked our social media followers how they would describe their current relationship with cloud computing, using it to manage their supply chains.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing has been a fundamental shift and has revolutionised supply chains, providing a route through which supply chain executives can rapidly and efficiently access innovative supply chain solutions and deploy them at scale. This technology will help supply chain managers. Computing enables the cloud to track a product throughout its lifecycle. Cloud-based management can significantly reduce losses of products as it can find a shipment throughout the entire transport process. Cloud services connect supply chains, enabling a strategic approach for inventory deployment. It offers enables SCM professionals to check delivery networks, stop bottlenecks, and prioritize slower moving shipments.

Cloud computing and the supply chain: what we found

  • Of those asked, the highest number of respondents, 64%, said that yes, cloud computing was already a key part of their supply chain management strategy.
  • The next most popular option, with 27% of responses said that they were not yet using the technology, but they were interested in doing so.
  • After that, the third most popular option, 9%, was among those who said no, they were not using it and are also not planning to.
  • Finally, the least popular option, with 0% of responses, would be for those companies that were not yet using cloud computing, but were actively pursuing.

We can see that 64%, an overwhelming majority, of respondents were already using these tools. As well as this, an even larger majority, 91%, at least, showed that they were interested in doing so. Despite no respondents answering that they were actively pursuing cloud computing, this is an extremely positive result, showing a clear appetite among companies for modernisation. This is a positive sign, showing that supply chain professionals understand the value of cloud-based technology in their supply chain management strategies, meaning that more businesses are continuing to embrace this technology and improve their efficiency and productivity because of this.


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