What Is Document Distribution | And Other FAQs | B2BE

What is Document Distribution? And other FAQs

What Is Document Distribution | And Other FAQs | B2BE

Do you want to intelligently route and send business documents electronically, according to your specific needs? Then Document Distribution is the solution for you. In this article, we’ll answer the question ‘What is Document Distribution?’, and other frequently asked questions about this useful business solution.

What is Document Distribution?

Electronic document distribution is the sending of invoices or statements to a customer using e-mail and the internet. A document management system will automatically send customers invoices or statements when these documents are due, by whatever means the customer would prefer to receive them.

What are the benefits of Document Distribution?

There are a number of clear benefits from using a document distribution solution, including:

  • 任何文件类型 – Firstly, you can store any document type online, including sales orders, invoices, statements, remittance advice, etc.
  • 标准化的文件存储 – You can scan and save all hard copy documents as PDF files. This makes the files easy to access, print, save and email. As well as making them easier to handle for EDI processes.
  • 在线访问和下载 – Archived documents are retrievable through a secure online interface using the search functionality to search for the unique identifier or other document variables.
  • MFT安全可控文件传输 – You can combine documents with B2BE’s Workflow Solutions as part of the transmission process. Workflows are customisable to your needs, so you can process documents online, quickly and efficiently.

What issues does the B2BE Document Distribution solution solve?

There is more to document management than buying and installing software. You have to ensure you get a solution that fulfils the document management needs in your company. To identify the issues you need to address, ask your employees what problems they encounter on a day-to-day basis.

A document management system should:

  • Enable employees to follow and maintain your organisation’s style guides for documents.
  • Provide online back-up for physically stored documents.
  • Allow archiving of outdated documents.
  • Enable employees to follow the proper procedures for sharing documents.
  • Provide proper electronic procedures that ensure only authorised people can access critical files.

What is an electronic document management system?

An electronic document management system is a software solution used to organise and store different kinds of documents. An EDMS is a more particular type of document management system that enables its users to organise and store digital documents.

Electronic document management systems specifically refer to software systems that handle digital documents rather than paper documents, although in some cases, these systems can handle scanned versions of paper documents.

Can the systems that you offer be integrated with my current software?

Introducing a document management system should not require you to discard your other solutions or engage in redundant efforts. Your document management system should therefore integrate seamlessly with other systems in your organisation to avoid challenges.


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