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Supplier purchases: your organisation’s immediate priorities

Supplier purchases: your organisation’s immediate priorities


In our most recent LinkedIn poll, we asked voters for their thoughts on supplier purchases. Specifically, we wanted to know what your organisation’s immediate priority is in relation to supplier purchases for the year ahead.

We asked our LinkedIn audience to choose their organisation’s immediate priority: improving stock visibility, improving stock management, optimising OTIF management, or better sales reporting. Read below to find out what they had to say.

Supplier purchases: what we found

  • Of those asked, the most popular option, 33%, said that they were focusing on getting to improve stock visibility. This involves knowing what inventory you have on hand, and where that inventory is located, at any given moment.
  • An equal number, 33%, said that they would focus on finding ways to improve stock management. Understanding the stock mix of a company and the different demands of that stock can help optimise your supply chain processes.
  • Another 33% said that they would be looking to optimise OTIF Management. This measures whether the supply chain was able to deliver the expected product in the quantity ordered by the customer at the time expected.
  • Finally, no voters said that their focus would be on ensuring better sales reporting, keeping a systematic record of sales activities over a particular period.

Do you agree with our results? How have you adapted your supplier purchasing strategy in 2022? And which aspect of supplier purchases is your focus for the next 12 months? Let us know by reaching out on ǞǞǞ, 推特脸书. And don’t forget to 在我们最新的LinkedIn投票中投票 – they come out every week, so vote and share your thoughts -we’d love to hear from you.