New Webinars Page!

New Webinars Page!

B2BE has posted a brand new page!

If you have not been able to attend all of our most recent webinars, you can watch them on our new 网络研讨会 page.

Currently, we have three webinars available for you to view:

  • 英国脱欧即将到来 - 您的供应链文件准备好了吗?
  • B2BE客户中心--客户中心的使用演示
  • 监管应付账款流程;从服务到行动计划

These webinars are created by various entities within B2BE – two of these current webinars on the site are from B2BE NL.

To unlock this content, you will need to complete a registration form and by completing this you will also now be notified when we have our next webinar.