Are Revenue Streams Being Impacted By Supply Chain Issues? | Blog

Are revenue streams being impacted by supply chain issues?

Are Revenue Streams Being Impacted By Supply Chain Issues? | Blog


在我们最近的 ǞǞǞ poll, B2BE asked the opinion of supply chain professionals about how they would describe their organisation’s current supply chain health. We asked voters this question specifically in relation to whether their revenue streams were being affected by disruptions across the supply chain. Common disruptions include the shortages of goods, materials, and labour due to the lingering effect of COVID-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We asked our LinkedIn audience to answer: ‘Do or have supply chain issues affected your revenue streams?’. Respondents could choose: ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘occasionally’, or ‘don’t know’. Read below to discover what we found.

Revenue streams: what we found

  • Of those who responded, 10% answered yes, that supply chain issues were currently or had previously affected their revenue stream. Supply chain disruptions are problems that affect plenty of businesses, especially those with a global and complex supply chain. However, it being the joint-least popular option in our poll implies that respondents have either been lucky to be unaffected or that their supply chain was resilient enough that they were ultimately able to withstand it.
  • With the same percentage of votes, 10% answered no, that supply chain issues were not a problem for their revenue streams. Compared to those that answered yes, it is important to note that as many respondents considered their companies resilient as consider themselves vulnerable, implying that extremes are largely outliers.
  • The joint most-popular option, with 40% of the votes, were those who said that only occasionally were supply chain issues a problem for their revenue stream. Broadly, this is reassuring since a degree of disruption due to current geopolitical and world economic crises across the global supply chain can be seen as largely inevitable.
  • The other joint most-popular option, also with 40%, was respondents who say that they don’t know whether supply chain issues are affecting their revenue streams. The silver lining of this option’s popularity is that, were supply chain issues unmistakably affecting revenue streams, it is unlikely that businesses would be unsure.


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