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Sales Order

Quickly process Sales Orders, identify issues, and be more responsive to your clients

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Key Features

Automated Sales Order Recognition
Sales orders are sent to the system as images and the data is captured to create an electronic file, no different to an EDI based file.
Information Validation
Validation can be conducted at several levels including shipping information, product information and pricing. If the data is inaccurate the customer services team will be notified.
Increased Visibility and Reporting
The automated orders product is a fully hosted product and is accessible through the B2BE web portal’s online interfaces. It provides up to date information to customer service teams, and other relevant functions.
Automated Error and Issue Identification
Your product and price catalogue can be loaded into the B2BE environment automatically and as sales orders are passed through the system, they can be validated based on a number of configurable rules to ensure the client’s purchase order data is accurate.
Automated Sales Order Creation
Our system creates EDI based files once they have been through the process without any errors so the sales orders can be uploaded and managed in the same way as EDI sales orders.
Key Benefits
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