Sales Order Processing with B2BE

Quickly process sales orders, identify issues, and be more responsive to your clients.

Solution Overview

Online Portal

A hosted solution, meaning no software is required, allows you to take sales orders sent to your organization via email or facsimile.

Extract Sales Order Data

Identify sales order data to create electronic files ideally complimenting B2BE’s EDI products.

Product Data Comparison

Sales orders are automatically compared to your product catalog data. Sales orders that have incorrect information such as part numbers, units of measure, or pricing and can be flagged for correction.

Error Control

Customer service staff will then only need to work on the sales orders that contain errors so the errors can be fixed and the sales order processed quickly.
Sales orders are then automatically loaded into your system for picking, packing, and shipping.

Key Features

Automated Sales Order Recognition

Sales orders are sent to the system as images and the data is captured to create an electronic file, no different to an EDI based file. Our software learns as part of the data capture process so the level of automation progressively improves to ensure the data files can be created automatically.

Automated Error and Issue Identification

Your product and price catalog can be loaded into the B2BE environment automatically and as sales orders are passed through the system, they can be validated based on a number of configurable rules to ensure the client’s purchase order data is accurate.

Information Validation

Validation can be conducted at several levels including shipping information, product information, and pricing. If the data is inaccurate the customer services team will be notified.

Automated Sales Order Creation

Our system creates EDI-based files once they have been through the process without any errors so the sales orders can be uploaded and managed in the same way as EDI sales orders.

Increased Visibility and Reporting

The automated orders product is a fully hosted product and is accessible through the B2BE web portal’s online interfaces. It provides up to date information to customer service teams, and other relevant functions, many dashboard analytic tools to measure throughput, accuracy, and other key metrics in real-time.

Key Benefits

Automated Processes

Improved sales order turnaround time frames in-line with EDI order processing times and moves customer service personnel from sales order processors to customer service providers.

Balanced Processing Times

Helps remove sales order processing times at peak times of the day so sales orders can be better managed over a day removing the peaks and troughs.

Issue Identification

Improve and identify on-going client issues with purchase orders so they can be rectified at the source while gaining a better understanding of analytics associated with the processing of sales orders through online tools.


Ensure delivery times can be met so OTIF metrics that the client’s use, can favor you as a supplier so you process sales orders quickly, efficiently, and most importantly accurately so when the goods are shipped, they’re shipped on time and in full.

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Sales Order Automation

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