Document Distribution with B2BE

Intelligently route and send business documents electronically, all based on your specific needs.

Solution Overview

Send Business Documents Easily

Effortlessly send your documents via EDI, post, email, facsimile, or online. The multi-faceted approach means your organization can send data to B2BE, and B2BE will route the documents based on the defined approach.

Document Routing

The approach can be determined using data within the files or you can use the B2BE document routing solution to configure how the recipient will receive your organization's documents.

Online Portal

B2BE can take away the complexity and cost of managing all the different approaches. You can combine this with the B2BE Web Portal to improve visibility also meaning all the documents are online and can be archived and accessed by you and your trading partners.

Key Features

Any Document Type

Store any document type online, including sales orders, invoices, statements, remittance advice, etc.

Standardized Document Storage

All hard copy documents are scanned and saved as PDF files, making the files easy to access, print, save, email, as well as EDI processes.

Online Access & Download

Archived documents can be retrieved through a secure online interface using the search functionality to search for the unique identifier or other document variables.


Documents can be combined with B2BE’s workflow solutions as part of the transmission process. Workflows can also be customized to your needs, so you can process documents online, quickly, and efficiently.

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Document Distribution

Document Distribution

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