Electronic Invoice Receipts with B2BE

Both buyer and supplier organizations can choose how they transmit and receive invoices, through EDI, digitization, online through Web EDI, or document upload and keying workflow.

Solution Overview

Automated Invoice Receipt Process

Receive invoices from your suppliers to fully automate the invoice receipt process so you can free up resources to do more productive work.

Support All Types of Suppliers

This solution enables the buyer to support all types of suppliers. Where a supplier may not be able to support EDI, they can then use the buyer's Web EDI solution.

PDF Invoices

The buyer may also supply interfaces within the B2BE Web Portal to allow suppliers to upload PDF invoices. B2BE can digitise the invoices to create an electronic invoice file.

No More Paper

B2BE can handle any invoice receipt requirement your organization may need to automate 100% of your supplier’s invoices so as a buyer you won’t need to deal with paper-based invoices from suppliers.

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Invoice Receipt

Goods Receipt

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