Solutions Designed to Improve Your Supply Chain Efficiency through Process Improvement​

How much does your organization want to automate and streamline? The B2BE range of e-solutions are a highly configurable, plug and play range of solutions to help your organization automate procurement, accounting, and logistics functions.

B2BE provides a range of solutions, using a suite of scalable products, all geared toward improving your supply chain efficiency through process-based improvements.

B2BE’s e-commerce driven approach reduces labor-intensive and repetitive supply chain activities. Correspondingly, they can provide a full-blown turn-key approach tailored to your specific needs which could deliver to your organization a full purchase to pay.

B2BE’s solutions can either work with one another or independently, whatever suits your organization’s requirements and delivers process improvements. To find out more about what B2BE can offer please review our range of solutions.

Accounts Payable

How much does your organization want to automate and streamline your accounts payable environment? B2BE's solutions can automate in part or in total your Accounts Payable functions to improve throughput and accuracy.

Document Distribution

B2BE's Document Distribution solutions allow intelligent routing of documents so they're sent from your organization electronically and B2BE handles the distribution methodology based on the defined approach set by your organization or your organization's clients.


Automate and streamline your organization's e-invoicing environments to improve processes, increase throughput, and allow Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable environments to focus on adding value.


B2BE's procurement solutions facilitate several areas within the procurement process to provide a sophisticated, yet straight forward, procurement environment.

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