Accounts Payable White Paper: Automation and Processing

Accounts payable is the structured and systematic approach for managing supplier payments for goods and services based on contractual agreements held with the supplier or based on the supplier’s terms, where a contract may not exist.

Typically, an organization will focus its efforts on sales and managing clients, accounts receivable, or the cash-to-collection aspect of the business and spend less time managing accounts payable and the order-to-cash environment.

This means that while sales have generated, an organization may not be maximizing their spending power, buying the right goods and services at the right price, or paying suppliers on time and in full, as accounts payable is viewed as a by-product of the organization’s sales focus.

There are a number of metrics an organization can look at to understand if they are managing their accounts payable or spend wisely which should form the basis of understanding where your organization is currently placed or as the basis for automation and process improvement and for measuring return on investment within the Accounts Payable department. Learn more in our white paper.

About The White Paper

Chapter 1

1. Accounts Payable Basics

1.1. Paper-based business processes
1.1 Accounts Payable Benchmarking
1.1.1 Invoices per Accounts Payable Employee
1.1.2 Days Purchases Outstanding (DPO)
1.1.3 Invoice Reprocessing
1.1.4 Invoice Throughput Time
1.1.5 Duplicate Invoices
1.1.6 Debit vs. Credit Processes

Chapter 2

2. Business Partnering as an Alternative to ERP or In-house System

Chapter 3

3. Organisational Change

3.1. Moving the Cultural Viewpoint
3.2. Embracing Process Change
3.3. Technology has Moved

Chapter 4

4. Cash Management

Chapter 5

5. Defining Best Practice

Chapter 6

6. Accounts Payable Automation

6.1 Mapping your As-Is
6.2 Understand your Organisation’s Goals
6.3 How will your Organisation get there?
6.4 Understand your Environment
6.5 Understand Shortcomings
6.6 Engaging the Organisation

Chapter 7

7. B2BE Automating and Streamlining Accounts Payable

7.1 Product Overview
7.1.1 Accounts Payable Solutions
7.1.2 Document Management EDI Web EDI Document Digitization
7.1.3 Visibility and Control
7.1.4 Storage and Archiving
7.1.5 Expense Invoice Workflow

Chapter 8

8. Key Benefits

8.1 Contact Us

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White Paper: Accounts Payable

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