First Steps for Web Portal

When you use B2BE’s Web Portal solution it unlocks a number of tools and functions to help streamline your organisation’s processes and provides greater visibility, audit and control for your transactional documents and data.

Download the First Steps sheet


Which parts of your supply chain are you looking for process improvements from?


Which information would benefit your trading partners if it were made more visible and accessible?


Do you have a complicated distribution network with limited visibility between business functions and geographic regions that could be enhanced?


Are some of your electronic process’s invisible to functions within your organisation which makes it harder for them to operate efficiently?


Does your organisation field a lot of support calls when it comes to some of your finance processes that could be either automated or help if they were more transparent?


Is it difficult to share access into your systems easily with trading partners while managing system and data restrictions?


Do you run disparate back-end systems that make it harder to track and trace information and perform some business processes?


Would your organisation be better placed to manage supplier or customer engagement electronically if all documents, their respective audit trails and history could be accessed centrally?


Do you struggle to locate historical information and documents?

Get in touch with B2BE and we can help you answer the questions in the steps and guide you through the delivery of a Web Portal solution. Or if you’re looking for ways to automate some aspects of your supply chain and give greater visibility to your trading partners, we can also help with this.

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