First Steps for Web EDI

First Steps for

First steps towards engaging more suppliers, improving EDI uptake and streamlining document processing
Mandating 100% EDI trading from your suppliers is going to be a challenge. Small suppliers are often key to your business’ success, but they can be unable to invest in ERP/EDI systems. Web EDI provides your suppliers with a platform to exchange the required documents within your defined business rules.

First Steps


Do you currently trade electronically? How is connectivity setup with your provider and suppliers?


Do you have end point visibility of all your transactions irrespective of the receipt methodology?


Are you being asked by your suppliers if they can send you a reduced document set? Do you need them to send document types that are not native to their process?


Do you manually process a small number of documents for many suppliers?


Do you want to achieve 100% EDI processing?


Do you want to improve match rates by applying business rules and validation before the document has been submitted?


Do you want to provide automated notification and escalation alerts for new documents both internal and external?


Do you want to simplify your Purchasing Order distribution by providing these via Web Portal?

First Steps for Web Portal

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